Cloud Computing Service Model SaaS

Cloud Computing Service Model is presented in 3 different classes.

Cloud Computing (cloud computing service model) is a system where users can easily access the necessary services with no need for a software, servers or hardware in their locations. These services are separated into three categories: Software As A Service (SaaS), Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), and Platform As A Service (PaaS). In this article, we will describe the SaaS infrastructure which we are using for our software.

SaaS, an acronym for ‘‘Software as a Service’’ provides access to programs such as CRM, ERP, finance and accounting software that users need through the cloud. It provides users with a program interface practically to use without any prerequisite knowledge of programming.

SaaS provides a serious economic advantage by decreasing extra software costs for companies operating in different fields. Gmail is one of the most suitable examples of SaaS. With this service provided by Google, you can send e-mails, edit your documents and back up your files.


Physical servers tied to a cloud server are periodically backed up against failures. Because the cloud server service is configured in the Cluster infrastructure, the service still runs from the other redundant server in case of any failure. Thus, the service operations are not interrupted.

As you have seen the advantages in use, the cost and payment issues are operated from any location. Any device, regardless of the hardware features, can be utilized for an easy access to the service program; You can even use it on your tablet, phone, computer, and even your TV.

Even when you go on holiday, you can keep track of the operations and payments in your company.

-Who wants not to work on vacation?

– Employees.

-Who wants employees to work on vacation?

-Their bosses.

The answer is clear. No company executive wants to stay away from work on vacation, the worst is likely to be able to track your work. So even if you’re on vacation, phone traffic isn’t cut off. The SaaS infrastructure enables you to keep track of your devices, operations, and documents. Details such as the workload, employee progress, and program purchase are monitored on SaaS without interrupting your employees’ vacation.

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