Reasons Behind Choosing an Online Service Software

Online service software eliminates the need to perform operations from a single centre that desktop programs oblige you. It allows you to access your operations from different devices. Online software can be accessed 24/7 and convert any location to an office.

Advantages of Online Service Software

– No backup requirement.

– The software is kept up to date.

– Reduction of the allocated amount of software costs.

– Instant technical support.

-Access rental modules frequently.

Benefits of ServiceSoft in comparison with the other software

– A barcode system tracking.

– Physical tracking of devices with service forms.

– Keeping track of spare parts.

– Calculating workmanship cost, deflection fees and other expense items.

– Access the progress of the technicians

– Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

– Estimated breakdown repair times.

– Briefing clients via SMS and e-mail at every stage

– Creating sub-services.

– Accepting and tracking the product shipping.

– Disabled duplicate company claim.

– Reduction at the cost of payment.

– Private warehouse for every company and their warehouse personnel, so following spare parts becomes easier.

The biggest advantage of being on an online system is that you need to have access to a cloud database where you don’t have problems such as the need for backup, malware infection to the servers or loss of information. The biggest problem with desktop programs is that the program only requires a computer with the program installed, and requires a third-party application when remote access or mobile connection is required.

With online service software, you can notify the customers who receive the service directly via SMS. Your customers can follow their devices through your web page or the area you specify, so you can reduce the phone traffic among you and your customers.

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