ServisSoft: Practical After-Sales Technical Service Program


Once you log into the system, click the “Setup Service Registry” button, then you can easily save every step of your work.


Service Log

While setting up a service registry, you need to be aware of all the details about your clients. You may start your service registry as company registration with the required details such as name, surname, address and phone number. In addition to this, you can choose the accessories delivered enclosed in the device package from the predefined accessories, and you can specify the device malfunction at the time with the predefined fault indications. You may choose either SMS or E-Mail options to inform your clients of their service status.

If you are registering with a pre-identified device serial number, you can access all the information automatically by scanning its barcode. Just with 3 clicks, you can create your service log file and print it out for your clients.
Additionally, if you are a corporate firm and have sub-service management, you can also get information on the details such as the production-waybill date and warranty period when creating the service log.

If you are a company that accepts cargo, you can access both the package tracking number to verify the expected arrival date of your cargo, and also cargo firm which carries the package. You can direct the service record you have opened to different technicians. Since the created service logs are recorded according to the FIFO (First In First Out) rule, the job should start with the very first registered item. This helps you to avoid situations such as leaving the product behind or any other difficulties faced during work.


Service List


Customizable Service Forms

You can customize the texts and the fields in the service forms as you wish. In the setting section, you can make revisions for the custom fields in the forms. You can automatically print the forms in the size of A5, A4, and 53mm. In addition to this, all forms come with a barcode printout. It is possible to print out forms such as Service Delivery Form, Product Delivery Form, External Service Form Proposal Form, and complete your procedures.


You can access all your service records from a single page. You can view information such as the customer’s name, phone number, address, brand, type and model of the device supplied on the same screen. Changing the device status, and filtering the devices by their status enables you to view active and completed service logs. You can view the status of the devices from a single screen, change them and send automatic SMS to your customers. You can view which technician is working on the service record and the time elapsed since the device entered service. You can also filter the devices according to their status and sort the open and closed service records. If you wish, you can access the desired service record instantly with our smart search module without the need for any filtering. Service forms start with the number you have determined and continue increasingly. However, you can optionally add and remove the columns on the service page.


All the stages of service works are recorded. The details indicating which service, administrator and technician operate on the device on which date and IP address are required to be indelibly recorded on the service log. Thus, situations such as avoiding responsibility for the operations are completely eliminated. Briefly, the individual who is responsible for the added labor expense, the used device parts and the information given to the client is recorded in the system.


Service Procedure

It is where all the procedures of the created service record are made. After opening your service record, all operations are carried out on a single screen which keeps you away from complexity. You can list spare parts of a model, add workmanship, displacement compensation, air-conditioning refrigerant expense, and “Other Expense Items” in the service record. You can record operations done on the device and select from predefined faults. Additionally, you can monitor the service records of all devices, and reach the details about the technician operating on the device, and the type, date and time of the work done. You can add and edit notes related to the service record. You can change the service status or you can have the service intervened on site with an external service form. You can also edit and update customer information from this area.

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