GSM Technical Service Software

Technical Service Program for GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) Services

You have a mobile phone repair business, and you are in need of a way to track your business operations and to determine your expenses? Then your desktop programs are no longer required. GSM Technical Services manage their operations via our web-based technical service tracking software. ServisSoft takes the demands of these establishments into consideration before tailoring an adapted interface.

What does our GSM Technical Service Program include?

On ServisSoft, it is possible to

  • Create a warranted device registry
  • Create a non-warrantable device registry
  • Create a work order
  • Save details for both corporate and individual customers
  • Automatically save your customers’ addresses via Google Maps
  • Add spare parts
  • Add workman
  • Catalogue spare parts in the warehouse
  • Register IMEI numbers
  • Register brand and device models
  • List former registries
  • Ability to track all the chips through a barcode system
  • Inform your customers about the device status via SMS or E-mail
  • Get service fee confirmation via SMS
  • Create a service log with one call from the call-center screen
  • Assign technicians to service log
  • Assign work orders to your subservices
  • Automatically receive reports on daily-weekly payments, the most operated devices and the most frequented workmanship
  • No need for backup due to all online records

With its web-enabled system, ServisSoft provides many other features aside from the ones listed above. ServisSoft enables its users to access its user interface from all devices that have an internet connection.

After opening a service record, customers are informed via SMS. The technical service schedule lists the stages in which the device is in progress and details of the costs incurred during service. You can classify spare parts in your inventory which shows stored parts in your warehouses. You can predetermine the standard prices of device models and workmanship cost. Additionally, you can print customized service forms for your customers.

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