Online Technical Service Tracking Software

The expectations of institutions and individual users in the developing world are increasing day by day. The mutual trust received from software vendors, a fortified content, updated software, the compensation of the prepaid fees is part of these expectations. One of the most efficient products developed recently is the Online Technical Service Tracking Software ServiceSoft. It facilitates the processes of companies by providing maintenance and repair services in return reducing paperwork and costs.

Software’s Main Target

ServiceSoft provides management for the public or private institutions, organizations and company services from a single centre and serves with SaaS infrastructure. The company has made its first sales to Norway with a specialized software and marketing team. While serving developing Turkey and Middle East market, Servissoft aims to strengthen its position in Azerbaijan and the world market.

ServiceSoft, one of the initiatives of KWORKS (Koç University Entrepreneurship and Research Center) draws attention with its clean and up-to-date software. With its features like the instant feedback mechanism and instant response to customers’ demands, it has satisfied its current users and acquired prestige to increase its prospective clients. In addition to this, ServiceSoft aims to make radical changes in the market. It aims to eliminate problems such as excess paperwork, to report troubles and lack of follow up in the existing system. With its simple and convenient interface, it offers an experience that a user can manage the whole process from a single centre. Unlike the desktop programs, it does not require having to install it on their computer.

Features of Servissoft: Technical Service Tracking Software

Serving in the cloud database, ServisSoft provides quality and practical software in the market proved with its strong features. It enables its client to create work orders, and inform the involved parties via SMS and E-mail module. A barcode system enables easy device tracking. The software provides several other features such as service module, authorized and sub-technical service creation with its simplified and modern interface.

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