Technician Management Methods

Technician Management

Technician management at sub-services is a challenging process of after-sales services. Staff supervision of your central service is easier as you are in a direct contact with your technicians there. Since the control of the authorized or sub-service technicians is done by third parties, it is not possible to ensure their immediate supervision. Trying to contact the authorized personnel in your sub-service with the aim of checking the technicians’ statuses will also cause you to waste a great deal of time.

The difficulties encountered in technicians’ supervision are listed below:

  • The accuracy of the entries related to the technicians cannot be provided.
  • Technicians’ attitudes and behavior against the customers cannot be examined during field service.
  • Spare part expenditures cannot be made in due course and properly.
  • High progress payments and the number of time they are paid heightens the economic insecurity.
  • Technicians adumbrate the client that they do not have the required equipment. Thus, this leaves a bad impression on the customer.

Train your technicians to avoid these problems!

Aim to reduce indirect audits by training your technicians and central service employees. Make sure that educators keep their information up-to-date and fresh. The motivational conversations you will make as executives will keep them bright all the time.


The first person who comes in direct contact with customers is always your technician.

Due to the nature of your business, the primary subject of the after-sales services is the customers who already have problems. Because the consumer who will receive service from you or your authorized service has applied to you in a situation where they are already dissatisfied. You should consider all your customers as customers who have potential difficulties in this context. Motivating your technicians at this point will enable them to psychologically overcome the challenges they face every day.


Make your technicians feel valued: their attitude also reflects on consumers.

Being pressured by the consumers about the service sector and after-sales services, your technicians will both gain new knowledge and feel that they are valued by the training. The training provided will ensure a positive response in a very short time. As your technicians try to catch up with one service from another, you should give priority to their comfort as their managers.

Proper technician management starts with the value you give your technicians before their inspection. The technicians, who are trained and whose needs are considered, successfully fulfill their responsibilities. Managers must learn to think like a technician first. Your technicians are often forced to drive on long displacement duties. The technicians who are pressured by customers in after-sales services will improve their behavior and attitudes towards them with the new information they receive from the training sessions. Sometimes they are faced with the verbal or physical harassment of the customers they serve. Start by considering the needs of your technicians for a better technician management.