Accelerate Your Work with an After-Sales Technical Service Tracking Program

Accelerate Your Work with an After-Sales Technical Service Tracking Program

One of the biggest problems that technical services are facing is regulating their work orders.  An organized service team performs quality work in the field without worrying about meeting their deadline. Using a technical service tracking program enables services to record information, keep inventory, and never miss a malfunction.

Aside from completing your works on time, meeting a deadline is a requirement. In accordance with Decision number 27914 published on the Resmi Gazete on 24 April 2011 SUNDAY service repair period was reduced from 30 labor days to 20 labor days. The number of the work order days affects the devices under warranty as well as the ones not covered by the guarantee.


What does the technical service tracking program provide you?


First, record all the detailed information about your customers, devices and their former service experience. Make sure you note down the device model details and take their photos if possible. Creating a service record via the technical service follow-up program requires saving the serial number of the device followed by its brand name, model, and pattern in the system. Following these actions, schematize any device malfunction, even if they are irrelevant. Take your time to upload the photographs that displays the current physical state of the device. Make sure you share your records with your customers as well.


Find out the communication preferences of your customers instead of assuming. Your customer may ask you to receive information via SMS because it is a legal obligation for you to send an SMS at every stage of the device audit and repair. However, it is also a legal requirement to make out an invoice for every operation performed, whether the device is under warranty or not.

Many procedures that seem small and unimportant to you are actual legal obligations you must fulfill. To function properly, your service is in the need of functional and practical software that we can provide you with.


What to do after completing an operation?


Record all the operations (spare part expenses, added workmanship cost, displacement compensation) in detail. Transparent recording of all transactions ensures trust and customer satisfaction.

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