Four + One New Features

ServisSoft is introducing four new updates for corporate users. In addition to the Claims page modification made in March, new claims’ improvement and customization will also be available in the upcoming updates. With these innovations you will observe on the system, we aim to simplify your work in the fields of work order interim payment compensation, workmanship control, service work, and malfunction diagnostics and reporting.

1. Work order expands to claims for editing.

There may be work orders that you cannot decide to refuse or approve from operations that have been submitted in a specific progress claim. In this case, you will be able to withdraw the related work order to the service edits in order for the service to edit it. The work order expanded to the progress claim editing will not be removed from the progress payment process. It is planned to be held for the service to make a correction. Note that if a workmanship or a spare part is already approved or rejected in the proceeding process, that action will be unapproved.

If required, turn your progress payment refusal to be explained in the “Reason” section. If the work order is revoked after being expanded for progress claims editing, the work order will not be removed from the progress claims. However, this service will be registered with a statement that it has been opened for correction.

2. In progress claims, you can update SET, practices and detected malfunction.

Allowing you to collect all your actions and operations on one page, this update is generated for built-in appliances and white goods companies. You will be able to see the serial numbers, models and malfunction details recorded in the SET listed on the progress claims page. Our aim is to complete your work without leaving the progress claims page while you are sanctioning an interim payment.

3. Workmanship claimed under the same identity is monitored.

We aim at eliminating the repetitive progress payments generated by the multiple additions of workmanship. Your services add 1 or more workmanship to a work order within the framework of your permit. But with our new update, multiple workmanship claims under the same identity are monitored.

4. The number of items on the Service List page is increased.

The Service List page, which could house list items grouped as much as 10, 25 and 50, is transformed into 100-item automated listing with the upcoming update. A ‘‘Total’’ alternate filter has been added to the page where ongoing or completed work orders are filtered on a single page. While you can see the last 100 items together, you can easily access the service item you are looking for by filtering.

+ 1. Optimization updates have been activated.

In order to keep our infrastructure up-to-date and fast operating, improvement and optimization updates started. System page loading speed was kept under 0.26 seconds with coded updates. We choose our updates for you to get the most out of our infrastructure and gain experience to transform your business by working with ServisSoft.

Operations for these features that will run in a short period of time will take place outside working hours and at nighttime. Your access to the system might be prevented at night due to the planned improvement work.

Here are two recent updates planned for the near future:

Definitions can be made based on category.

You’ll be able to provide pricing for categories of specific device groups. You will be able to add workmanship at certain time intervals in various categories. You can add workmanship according to the months when seasonal devices are used. For example, on the devices requiring working with air conditioning gas expenses, the procedures can be performed in summer, but not in winter.

The mobile app is coming soon!

ServiceSoft mobile developed for Android devices are launched for testing soon. With your mobile devices, you can track the displacement and road costs, ongoing and completed service registry, and follow your vehicles in service. You can upload your files with your mobile devices and get instant live chat support.
ServisSoft is being developed depending on your needs. We work by taking your opinions, requests and suggestions into consideration. 

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