Technical Service Program

Technical Service Program

You want to use technical service program but can’t decide which one to choose? So let’s talk about what needs to be found in a technical service program.


1. Start by identifying your needs.

You can start by identifying your needs and by listing the circumstances with priority in the service first. If you are a service provider and do not have an annual maintenance agreement, you don’t need to pay extra for the modules that include an annual maintenance agreement. Buying the modules that you will not use in any way causes you to pour your money down the drain. Remember, your priority is to make your service procedures easier to track and reduce your costs.

2- Make a detailed list.

In the technical service program that you intend to buy, you should pay attention to the custom fields related to your sector. If you are a GSM repair service, including the device IMEI number in registration and tracking the products in stock is a must. For service tracking, you should check whether there is a custom area in the program panel to add the IMEI number and include the products in your inventory. Contact the company or sales representatives to receive the software and request a pre-written confirmation.

3- Pay attention to user-restriction.

You should consider purchasing a software with active user restrictions while buying one. This way, you will prevent your employees from seeing the information out of their authorized area so that your confidential details and reports are only seen by yourself and select few. You can also define a separate account for each of your employees to view their purchasing and operation history to ensure the right person’s involvement.

4- If you are the centralized service or its sub-service.

You can request a customized program from any software company that can manage your service processes. But at this point, you should be sure that you work with people who are aware of your needs. In this way, developers will prepare a software in the direction that you demand.

Try ServisSoft. We assure you, your first impression of online technical service tracking programs will please you.

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