What You Need to Know to Provide A+ Customer Service

Achieving A+ Customer Service

You need to leave stereotypical tips and tricks you know behind while providing customer satisfaction at your workplace, sub-service or authorized service. It’s time for you to take a different approach while dealing with your customer.Let’s talk about how we can ensure customer satisfaction all the prejudices aside, as of today every little relationship has progressed customer-oriented.

Every Customer is ‘’Troubled’’ Customer

Technical service is one of the most difficult processes with after-sale services. Because it is quite easy to convince your customer before and during sales, but it is difficult to meet their satisfaction after sales. The main reason is that the customer applying for technical service is already having problems with their devices when they contact you. Your client may have waived their job and private life or disregard a very important issue as they reach you. Therefore, you should take their circumstances into consideration first.

Listen to Your Customers

The first thing you need to do is to listen to your customer until they finish their speech. Your customers might even bring forth ridiculous and unattainable demands. You are expected to make your customer feel valued. While listening to them, you should utilize your body language, as well as maintain eye-contact showing that you pay attention to them. When it is your turn to talk to your customers, provided that you are in a position where you cannot fulfil your customer’s wishes, you will receive the benefits of listening to them at the very beginning.

Don’t lose your authority

You should inform your customer that his wishes are either attainable or unattainable so that they would be informed at the beginning. At this point, you should stay away from confusing statements. If you are unable to provide a clear time interval for your servicing period, please remind your customers that your statutory term of 20 working days. If you have a certain period to intervene in a device, make sure to specify it. If your client demands a special treatment for him, politely refuse or accept his request depending on your workload and remind them that the transactions can only take place within the existing legal period.

Inform your customer

If requested by your customer, inform them at every stage of the work order procedures. You can inform them via SMS or E-Mail. At some point, the service period of the device might near 90 days. If this becomes the case you should inform them via certified mail with its return receipt required.

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